How to Utilize AI

Not sure how to Utilize AI? Here are some use cases

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions
Easy Admit
Student Records and Academic Affairs
Easy Transfer
Financial Services and Accounting Department
Invoice Automation
Career Services and Counseling Centers
Interview Simulator
Academic Advising and Career Planning
Career Pathways
Research Departments and Libraries
Research Base
Administrative Communications and Support Services
Email Virtual Call Center
Student Services and Academic Advising
Virtual Advisor
Admissions and Enrollment Management
AI Agents

How Ed Success Utilizes AI


Easy Admit

Streamline the admissions process with AI that quickly analyzes and processes applications, reducing wait times and increasing accuracy.

Enables admissions staff to focus on engaging with prospective students rather than manual data entry, improving both efficiency and applicant satisfaction.

Example of Easy Admit

An AI system auto-sorts applications based on eligibility criteria, instantly flagging candidates who meet or exceed requirements, and schedules follow-up interviews without human intervention.


Easy Transfer

Facilitate seamless transfer of credits and student records between institutions with AI that intelligently matches courses and requirements.

Reduces administrative hurdles and enhances student mobility, ensuring credits are accurately recognized and students can continue their education smoothly.

AI compares course content from a transferring student’s previous institution with similar courses offered, providing quick equivalence decisions to advisors.

Example of Easy Transfer

AI compares course content from a transferring student’s previous institution with similar courses offered, providing quick equivalence decisions to advisors.


Invoice Automation

Automate the handling of invoicing within educational institutions, from generating invoices to processing payments, with minimal human intervention.

Increases financial department efficiency, reduces errors, and speeds up transaction processing, allowing for better cash flow management and financial reporting.

Example of Invoice Automation

AI automatically generates and sends invoices to students each semester, processes payments upon receipt, and updates financial records.


Interview Simulator

Offer students realistic interview simulations using AI, preparing them for high-demand career paths by replicating industry-specific interview scenarios.

Enhances student preparedness for the job market, boosting confidence and improving success rates in securing employment.

Example of Interview Simulator

 AI conducts mock interviews for engineering students, providing immediate feedback on their responses and suggestions for improvement based on industry standards.


Career Pathways

Utilize AI to guide students in choosing courses and career paths that align with their skills, interests, and market demands.

 Ensures students make informed decisions about their education and career planning, leading to higher satisfaction and better professional alignment.

Example of Career Pathways

AI analyzes a student’s academic performance and extracurricular interests to recommend a personalized set of courses and potential career paths.


Research Base

Support academic research by providing AI-powered tools to manage, search, and analyze vast amounts of academic literature and data sets.

Enhances the capabilities of researchers to discover insights and trends, significantly cutting down research time and improving the quality of outputs.

Example of Research Base

AI helps a group of researchers by summarizing recent studies and extracting relevant data points for their project on climate change.


Email Virtual Call Center

Implement an AI-driven system that manages and responds to incoming emails for various administrative departments efficiently.

Reduces response times, increases message handling capacity, and improves communication effectiveness, leading to higher student and staff satisfaction.

Example of an Email Virtual Call Center

AI categorizes and responds to student inquiries during registration week, prioritizing urgent issues and escalating complex cases to human staff.


Virtual Advisor

Deploy AI advisors that provide students with 24/7 access to academic advice, helping them navigate courses, compliance, and campus resources.

Increases student engagement and retention by providing timely, personalized support, enhancing the educational experience.

Example of Virtual Advisor

A virtual AI advisor assists students in selecting courses based on their academic progress, graduation timeline, and career goals.


AI Agent

Use AI to assist prospective students through the admission process, from inquiries to application submission and enrollment.

Streamlines the admission process, making it more user-friendly and accessible, thereby increasing application rates and student intake efficiency.

Example of an AI Agent

AI provides real-time assistance to applicants, answering their questions about program requirements, guiding them through the application steps, and reminding them of deadlines.

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