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About Our Solutions

AI Agent

Deploy intelligent agents to handle routine tasks. As a result, staff can focus on strategic activities.

Knowledge Base

Centralize and streamline access to essential information. Consequently, it becomes easy for staff and students to find the answers they need.


Get real-time guidance on interview prep, financial aid, and admissions from our intelligent chatbot applications. Therefore, you’ll always have the support you need.

Smart Matching

To enhance education management with intelligent AI, driving student success.


Developing cutting-edge technologies in education management.


To revolutionize education worldwide through innovative AI solutions.

About Our Legacy

Revolutionize education management with Ed Success.

Ed Success was founded by a team of tech enthusiasts passionate about revolutionizing education through AI-driven solutions.

Ed Success has served a wide range of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and training centers. Consequently, we empower them with cutting-edge AI technology for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Ed Success has been recognized in the industry for its innovative AI solutions. Moreover, we have won prestigious awards for excellence and impact in revolutionizing education management.

About Our Purpose

Our Mission

Enhancing Educational Experiences through AI Innovation

At Ed Success, our mission is to transform education management by providing intelligent AI solutions that enhance educational experiences, streamline processes, and drive student success.


To enable organizations to excel in their Mission


To focus on Talent Development, System Development, and Process Development. Additionally, we maintain a culture of continuous improvement.


Honesty with Trust, Integrity is Non-Negotiable, Fairness if not Love and Creating Opportunities

Preeti Tanwar, CEO

Our Leadership

Leading Youth and Women Empowerment via HiEd Ambassador Program

Edupreneur | National Speaker | Career Mentor | Angel Investor | Ekal NGO GA Cultural Coordinator

Edupreneur | National Speaker | Career Mentor | Angel Investor | Ekal NGO GA Cultural Coordinator
Preeti Tanwar is the Founder and CEO of HiEd Success. With over 20 years of experience in the Higher Education Domain within the USA, she brings a wealth of expertise. A transformational leader, she continually motivates her team to find innovative solutions and provide exceptional support to higher education organizations and ed-tech companies. Moreover, she actively champions social causes, serving as the Cultural Coordinator of the Ekal NGO GA chapter. Additionally, she focuses on Youth and Women Empowerment through the HiEd Ambassador Programme, positively impacting over 25 lives. Preeti holds double-masters degrees from India and the USA and holds the distinction of being among the first Indian women to receive the South Carolina Educator of the Year Award, alongside several other professional accolades. She is also a sought-after honorary speaker at various national events.

Affiliations and Certifications

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